Tucson, AZ

After Phoenix we drove down to Tucson. While in Tucson we went to Saguaro National Park, the San Xavier Mission and out to eat twice thanks to our friend Barbara!

Saguaro National Park is full of Saguaro cacti! They are huge and neat looking.

 photo IMG_1970_zpsd6796768.jpg

 photo IMG_1985_zps2ca12491.jpg

 photo IMG_1981_zps9307e709.jpg

 photo IMG_1979_zpsbcea0cde.jpg

 photo IMG_6692_zps5fa320ff.jpg

 photo IMG_6688_zps421d89be.jpg

 photo IMG_6686_zpsc6d12c8b.jpg

 photo IMG_6682_zpsecf5cb24.jpg

 photo IMG_6678_zpsd6984aee.jpg

 photo IMG_6677_zps4493de80.jpg

One of the restaurants we enjoyed was El Corral. We had steaks and tamale pie!

 photo IMG_8194_zps0bf6e935.jpg

The San Xavier Mission was really pretty-

 photo IMG_6695_zps4ea49685.jpg

 photo IMG_6696_zpsd61df5b3.jpg

 photo IMG_6699_zps29151b3e.jpg

 photo IMG_6703_zpsb87e8acb.jpg

 photo IMG_6707_zpsb9ef5061.jpg

 photo IMG_6706_zps56ed55de.jpg
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