Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park is located on the Rio Grande River in the great state of Texas. This national park can be described as rugged, huge, unique and beautiful. I especially found the area around the river to be the most beautiful. The best part of our trip to Big Bend is that my parents joined us for their Spring Break! Spring Break is one of Big Bend's busiest weeks of the year and it was fun to be among all of the spring breakers.

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The Rio Grande provides a natural border between the US and Mexico. It's neat to look across the river and see another country. You aren't allowed to cross the Rio Grande though because it would be considered an illegal border crossing.

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Big Bend looks like what many people probably think all of Texas looks like with rolling tumbleweeds, vast desert and cactus everywhere. As a native Texan I feel proud to have made it all the way to West Texas to see one of Texas' national parks! Big Bend even had Blue Bonnets which is the Texas state flower.

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We spent alot of time on the river skipping rocks, fishing, canoeing and sitting in the natural hot spring (my favorite part!).

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We also spent time hiking the Chisos Mountains and driving all over the park to see as much of it as we could.

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Now that I've seen another national park, I'm even more thankful we have wild places in the USA to enjoy!

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