Carlsbad Caverns

Carlsbad Caverns is one giant awesome cave! We were lucky to enjoy the cave on a very uncrowded day and it was almost eerie at times to feel alone in the cave. If you ever get the chance to go to Carlsbad it's well worth it!

 photo IMG_8255_zps7ecf05be.jpg

 photo IMG_8235_zpsf9c23b32.jpg
The Natural Entrance

 photo IMG_8236_zps97e001ed.jpg

 photo IMG_8244_zps3558e710.jpg
Its dark inside the cave! We couldn't take any photos that would do the cave justice!

 photo IMG_8246_zps6b39aa43.jpg

 photo IMG_8249_zps8b6db77e.jpg

 photo IMG_8250_zps1f882c60.jpg
The ladder we took to get down into the cave. JK! People in the 1920s used this ladder though...

 photo IMG_8253_zps2bd8154a.jpg
This is the gift shop and cafe inside the cave, it was pretty empty.

This week we are in our hometown of Tyler, TX! We came in for a wedding last night (it was so fun!) and to see our families! We usually post about our travels a week- 2 weeks after it actually happened in case you were wondering. You can see on the sidebar where we are and where we're going next to see what's happening in real time with our travels!

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