Tahoe Tuesday

Hi Everybody!

 photo blackexoticshorthair_zps1f6daa98.jpg

I've been getting very good at riding in the car! I've got two favorite places to ride. The first is on the tool bag right behind the center console. I'm pretty sleepy in this photo-

 photo 4-1post_zps23b0b946.jpg

And I also sleep in the backseat on a pillow, the other day I was passed out and so comfortable-

 photo tahoe4-1_zpsf8f1c65c.jpg

I like riding in the car when I'm tired so I can enjoy a nice nap while the rolling of the wheels lulls me to sleep.

I hope you have a great spring day where ever you are!

 photo 4-1posttahoe_zps0901ea20.jpg
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