New Orleans in the Rain

We got quite a lot of rain while we were in New Orleans but couldn't let that keep us sitting inside! Thanks to Peri Dean from Tales From the Camping House for our photos of our day exploring New Orleans in the rain! Jim and Peri are RVers we met in Yosemite National Park! We've kept in touch with each other and got to see them again for a couple of days in New Orleans.

We arrived to our parking lot on Canal Street that morning to find huge rivers of water. I tried to keep my feet dry but ended up just having to walk straight through the puddles. The water was everywhere and unavoidable!

 photo IMG_1337_zps4cb7f5a8.jpg

 photo IMG_1339_zps6799d8fa.jpg

We walked to the street car and rode it the the Garden District. The street cars of New Orleans are pretty with shiny wood interiors.

 photo IMG_1344_zps4cf89985.jpg

We toured around the Garden District and into one of the cemetaries.

 photo IMG_1367_zps7a7754e4.jpg

Next we went to Mother's for lunch. We waited outside in the rain because we were already wet anyway and knew the food would be worth the wait.

 photo IMG_1422_zps07e033a6.jpg

 photo IMG_1423_zpsac26675e.jpg

We ended the night back at the RV with a cajun feast of crawfish!

 photo IMG_1432_zpsf9380255.jpg

With a good rain coat and an umberella the rain isn't so bad when you're in a city like New Orleans!

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