Sun N Fun Fly in and Airshow

Sun N Fun! Wow what an experience! Matt has always been an aviation enthusiast and he's starting to turn me into one too.

 photo 4-13-14SunnFunLuxeLandYacht-01_zpsb8cc655d.jpg

Fly ins and Airshows are such a unique experience. It's a place where you meet seemingly normal people own some sort of airplane and fly it for fun! It's also a place where there's an airshow which included airplanes doing dangerous but entertaining flips in the air and jets roaring across the sky doing things I never thought a jet could do!

The Blue Angels performed at the airshow, talk about igniting my American pride!

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The day started early. We arrived at Sun N Fun around 8:30 am. We walked around all of the personal aircraft. We saw all of the home built aircraft (people build their own planes and then use them, who would have thought?).

 photo 4-13-14SunnFunLuxeLandYacht-02_zpsf576a328.jpg
Somebody built this plane in their garage and now fly it around!

 photo 4-13-14SunnFunLuxeLandYacht-11_zps4172ff42.jpg
Notice the airplane over the Fiat? This trailer was pulled behind a motorhome. Talk about having all the toys with you!

Next we walked around all of the military planes.

 photo 4-13-14SunnFunLuxeLandYacht-04_zpsd39370db.jpg

 photo 4-13-14SunnFunLuxeLandYacht-03_zps12e50ac0.jpg

Then we checked out the booths and vendors.

 photo 4-13-14SunnFunLuxeLandYacht-10_zpse7cdd6ed.jpg
Personal jet for sale in case you need a jet.

 photo 4-13-14SunnFunLuxeLandYacht-08_zps1dc378a7.jpg

 photo 4-13-14SunnFunLuxeLandYacht-07_zps03ed303d.jpg

Next we enjoyed lunch. Then we sat down to enjoy the airshow!

 photo 4-13-14SunnFunLuxeLandYacht-14_zpsd353c20f.jpg
The crowd watching the show.

 photo 4-13-14SunnFunLuxeLandYacht-12_zps7eca780f.jpg
Airplanes writing in the sky!

 photo 4-13-14SunnFunLuxeLandYacht-09_zpsd715e41f.jpg
Notice the huge explosion at the bottom of the photo? The war planes did some faux bomb dropping for the crowd.

After the airshow we walked around a little more watching the light sport aircraft take off and land.

 photo 4-13-14SunnFunLuxeLandYacht-06_zpse0af27c4.jpg

 photo 4-13-14SunnFunLuxeLandYacht-05_zps9798094f.jpg

We had dinner and then went back to our seats for the night airshow which consisted of planes flying in loops with fireworks shooting off of them and a fire works show! We left Sun N Fun around 11pm! It was a long fun day in the sun!

Have you ever been to an airshow? I'm sure this won't be our last!
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