Miami, Ft Lauderdale and Key Largo

Week three in Florida we made our way to the Atlantic side of the state to Miami! I thought it was warm in Tampa and Venice but, the heat was turned up in Miami! The ocean was Caribbean quality blue and warm. Matt and I explored the beaches from Ft Lauderdale down to South Beach and all the way down to Key Largo.

In Key Largo we took a boat out to the reef and snorkeled the day away! It was so fun to see pretty coral, fish and my favorite- a turtle!! We went out with Reef Roamer and it was very affordable and fun. I didn't get any snorkel photos but I did get a photo of one of the best RV spots I've ever seen-

 photo photo3_zpsafd3eca1.jpg

We only spent a day in Key Largo and there's so much more to see in the keys! I hope we make it back again another time.

 photo photo2_zps6bdd6b1d.jpg

In Miami we walked up and down the beach in front of all the south beach hotels. It was beautiful! One afternoon to everyone on the beache's surprise 3 manatees swam by. A dark mass started swimming parallel to the beach and everyone on the beach got up to see what it could possibly be. I thought it might be a shark but it was too big for that. Finally the dark mass surfaced and three manatees popped their heads out of the water to get a breath. It was neat to see the manatees but even better to see a whole beach full of people get up to watch something swim along the beach.

 photo photo5_zps9cf89715.jpg
Everyone looking at the manatees! Look at that beautiful water!!

Here is a pup after a swim on south beach, it was pretty cute!

 photo photo4_zpse0734a41.jpg

Our campground was in Ft Lauderdale and we found a church to go to for Easter. We released butterflies after the service! There's a monarch in that triangle I'm holding!

 photo photo1_zpsb8f4693d.jpg

We loved south Florida and there's still more down there to see! Hopefully we can visit again and soak up some more of that beautiful sun! We are now headed north for Savannah GA!

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