Tahoe Tuesday!

Hi everybody! I've had a pretty exciting week around here. I got to see a frog first of all. It was little and green. It was pretty interesting and hopped really far.

 photo photo1_zpsb72a75ca.jpg

I also realized that my whole body fills up the sink now. I'm glad I still fit in the sink because it's really comfortable to sleep in. It's just crazy that I used to sleep in this exact same sink and not fill it up like I do now.

 photo photo4_zpsbaad1db4.jpg

Did you know that I love treats? Who doesn't right? These are my favorite kind. Sometimes I hide under the couch and Matt or Michelle call me to come out. I never come when they call me because if I wait they will shake this bag and I immediately come running! I then get a treat and think how smart I am that I waited for them to shake the bag.

 photo photo2_zpse9be0a27.jpg

Lastly I was on the computer this week and got really tired. I just work so hard that I need to take about 10 naps per day.

 photo photo3_zps2dacf662.jpg

I hope you have a great week and I'll see you next time!
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