Roadtrip Wisdom

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Dear roadtrip, you would not have been complete without good snacks. Our snacks of choice were, pretzel m&m's, salt and vinegar chips, coke, tea, a maybe a few Doritos Loco's tacos.

Dear TCU student (GO FROGS!!) I saw on my flight, I love that you are still wearing the same things I wore while in college (TCU Tshirt, nike shorts, sandals, pony tail, had a nalgene bottle). This means I would still be in style on campus because I'm still wearing those exact same things 3 years later. 

Dear Hotels we stayed at on our road trip last week, here's what I noticed about you-

2.5 stars- free parking, free wi-fi, free breakfast, no pool, slightly ghetto room, old building that smells like cleaning spray, decor from the 70's, no shuttle services, TV from 1997, cable, nice people working there, three floors.

3 stars- free parking, free wi-fi, free breakfast, hot tub and pool!, new building, no weird smells, medium price tag (more than my cheap self likes to spend though), people working there are kinda rude, flat screen TV, cable, three floors.

4 stars- $10 internet, $12 parking, swanky lobby, chic room, big nice new TV, pool but no hot tub, updated decor, $4 breakfast, loud business people drinking at the bar in the lobby, 20 floors, nice people working there.

Dear Amish country in Pennsylvania, I'm not sure if it's ok to pass a horse and buggy, but I did 3 times. Also,
cute local restaurant where we had quiche and bread for lunch with peanut butter silk pie for dessert, you were a very good choice.

Dear Mom's Dutch Kitchen somewhere on the side of the interstate in Pennsylvania, you had humongous portions of food on your menu so mom and I opted to split an entree of fried chicken (4 pieces), mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, cinnamon apples and bread. For dessert we had an apple fritter Sundae. The best part about this local dive is that we were the only ones in the restaurant splitting a meal, everyone else ate their 4 pieces of meat and 3 side dishes all by themselves.

Dear Lobster Rolls, I wish I could eat you everyday, you were so good!

Dear Rain that we encountered everyday in New England, I'm grateful to see you again since you haven't been at my house all summer! Also, I'm happy to have had to buy a cute rain jacket.

Dear Ocean, someday I will spend much more time near you because my heart is so happy when I'm near you!

Dear sailboats, someday I will also experience you! There is something about a sailboat that looks so adventurous and fun.

Dear New England shops, you have the cutest nautical things to buy! If only I needed new dishes I totally would have bought these.

Dear bed, ever since I got home from our trip I've slept like a rock and it's amazing!

Happy Happy Friday everyone! I hope your weekend is lots of fun! 


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