In College I was...

In college I was cheap. I mean, I'm not sure why I was so cheap since I was such a high roller with my job at the school newspaper that paid me $8 a week to write a weekly opinion column and my other various baby sitting jobs. Obviously I was making big bucks. However I still liked to pinch my pennies, here are some examples.

I lived in on campus housing but because I lived in an upper classman apartment, we had to provide our own toilet paper. I felt that my school supplied toilet paper to every other dorm on campus so I too was entitled to toilet paper. So, being a college student I always had a back pack on. When I was in another bathroom somewhere on campus and saw an extra roll of toilet paper I'd put it in my bag and bring it home. My roomates appreciated my gifts of free toilet paper because none of us ever wanted to be the one to actually buy it. I never purchased a single roll of toilet paper my entire senior year.

Text Books- we all know how crazy expensive they are! I hated spending $300-$500 on books so I thought, maybe the school library will have my text books. They did! Some books you could check out and keep for nearly the whole semester and some you could only check out in 2 hour increments. After I discovered this, I'd just borrow my text books from the library and quit buying them my junior year.

Clothes- My roomates and friends were all fashionable ladies and were kind enough to let me borrow their clothes all the time, those were the days! At the end of the semester they would even give me clothes they didn't want to have to pack up and haul home. The best thing I discovered though was in the Freshmen girls dorm, the girls would throw tons of their wardrobe and dorm decor in the lobby the night before they moved out because they didn't have room for it anymore/didn't want to move it/ didn't want the stuff anymore for whatever reason. My roomate and I would go through all this fantastic junk and find nice jeans, cute shirts, all kinds of great stuff!

I just recently stopped going to the hair school to get my hair cut but all through college and early adult hood, I saw no reason to go to a real salon to get my hair cut. I thought the hair school was awesome and it cost $5-$8 for a haircut. I recently got a haircut at a salon though and see that it can be much better than the hair school.

Driving- I would never offer to drive when my friends and I wanted to go off campus. This is annoying behavior for those that I got rides from but I tried to always get somebody else to drive instead of using my own gas. My friends caught on to this one and being the kind friends that they are, they made me do my share of the driving.

Going out can get expensive especially when you have to pay cover charges so, my friends and I would only go out on nights that we could get in free or show up to a club before 11 when there was no cover charge yet. As you can see, they could be cheap too!

I'm still pretty thrifty and but no longer condone stealing toilet paper to save money.

Thanks for stopping by today, have a lovely Wednesday!

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