Yayyy for today, TGIF!

I'm going to an ETSY craft party tonight, I'm so excited! I tried to dress extra crafty cool today so I'll feel inspired tonight. (A friend from work is hosting this at her house and has a craft for a group of us to do tonight. There will also be snacks, what's not to love?)

You know you're getting old when you keep up with the weather... that's me now days. I hope it really does rain this weekend (like the weather people promised) because we are having a drought which means I have to water our foundation so our house doesn't  topple over so, please rain.

There was a huge spider in the basement last night, I'm only scared of spiders/bugs if they get on my body so as long as you're on the floor where I can step on you I'm ok. So, thanks for being easy to step on and kill last night.

Ever since college, I am super aware of language like saying "hey guys" to a room full of girls or "Michelle, will you man this table?". To "Hey Guys" I respond with, "I'm not a guy" and to "Will you man this or that" I respond with, "I will woman the table because I am not a man". This is silly I know but I will continue to think this way.

Here's a sneak peak of our backsplash! We did the grout on the backsplash last night! That means we are soooo close to done! Please Lord, don't let our tiles fall off the wall, I am fearful that this might happen even though I know we did a good job putting them up.

Go Matt! Grout that tile!
Happy Friday!! Have a lovely weekend!

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