What We're Eating This Week

Breakfast- egg and bacon on an English muffin

I made scrambled eggs in a muffin tin ahead of time and cooked bacon in the oven so all my ingredients for these yummy egg and bacon sandwiches on an english muffin are ready to be heated up and eaten quickly!

Lunch-leftovers, tuna salad, fruit


Had these buffalo chicken wraps already this week and they are so so good! I highly recommend them!
Pork chops and sweet potatos
Shrimp Stirfry
Chicken Fajita Nachos
Grilled Salmon on salad

Dessert- I made chocolate chip cookies with Barley Flour, Honey, and Greek Yogurt in hopes to cut out all of the bad ingredients that are in cookies but still have them taste somewhat normal and good. These are very dense but good!

Chocolate Greek Yogurt- Chocolate is a huge weakness of mine and I can't cut it out of my diet, that would be depressing! So, I know I'm going to eat it so, I'm trying to prepare ahead of time with healthier ways to enjoy chocolate.

That's it! Now that I have my kitchen back I'm all about cooking, and trying get back on the healthy train.
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