Animal Personalities

Did you know I love cats? (I love dogs too so don't be offended if you don't like cats) I especially love these two cats-

Bella- She is sweet, eager to please her family, a little shy around strangers, loves to be outside
Francis- She is sassy, loves to eat, loves attention from her family, not always shy but can be
These girls are my cats I got after I graduated college. I raised them into the perfect little angels they are today.

When I moved out of my parents house after getting married, they loved my cats so much they wouldn't let me take them with me when I left! I can't blame them for wanting to keep them so being the nice daughter that I am, I reluctantly let them keep the two best cats in the world.

Now that I live apart from my cats, my mom sends me lovely updates on what they are doing these days (thanks mom!). I always show my husband these photos and he of course loves looking at them (sarcasm).

Francis laying on my dad while he eats cake. Her expression says, stop taking my picture please.

Bella posing with the centerpiece on my parents table
Francis begging to come inside but, she must stay outside all day because she has just received flea medicine, worst day ever in her opinion.
Bella sleeping
Francis Sleeping, she can get very long
Here is a picture of Gabby, my mom's dog looking angry and sassy because there were contractors at the house and she didn't appreciate it. My mom went to McDonalds to get breakfast since the kitchen was being worked on and was nice enough to get the dog an egg McMuffin too, from this pic it looks like she would rather just pout than eat her breakfast.

Gabby is saying, my life is so hard today, I can't freely walk around the house without running into someone I don't know.
How is it that animals have so much personality?? I just love them. Happy Wednesday!!

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