Friday's Letters!

Dear Eating Out for every meal since our kitchen is under construction, I think I'm done with you. It's been a few weeks and I'm ready to get creative and cook without the kitchen. This weekend I plan to grill, make salads, and these crockpot meals-

Dear Bloggers, do you ever see that you lost a follower and freak out like, whyyyy would someone want to unfollow my blog?? This happened to me today, I will overcome it.

Dear Friday's Letter, I love this form of blogging because I can let out lots of things I want to say but that don't merit a post of their own.

Dear fitness, I've been really lazy this summer (I blame it on the heat!) but, seeing such awesome abs and fit olympians, I've been inspired to work out this week.

Dear all of my neighbors, I'm so glad all of you have pets that I can play with since we don't have a pet of our own. One of my neighbor's dog's name is Charles, he is presh.

That's all for this Friday, have a lovely weekend!!

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