Friday's Letters

Dear cooler weather, you feel so amazing! We slept with our windows open last night and our house was nice and cool all night, I love it. I thought the open window in our bedroom would help me wake up with the sun and spring out of bed easier but no, it did not.

Dear summer, I still love you and don't consider you over yet (even with cooler temps)! I will not transition to fall even though everyone is ready for fall to start.

Dear kitchen, (have you been wonder how our kitchen remodel is doing???) you are very close to done and I loooove how you're looking! Here's a sneak peak of a how it looks, I took this pic this morning.

Dear people who like to read, I read two good books lately- Ali and Nino and the Official Biography of the Queen Mother. Ali and Nino is a love story of an Azerbaijani boy who falls in love with a Georgian princess. It takes place during WWI when the world as they know it is changing forever. It's a very unique novel.

Happy weekend, I hope it's a great one!

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