It's 40 Degrees Cooler!

I woke up to lovely 60 degree weather this morning, if only I were a morning person I would have gotten out of bed and gone for a walk or sat outside for a couple of hours to enjoy it longer. Is it possible to become a morning person? After getting up and being awake for about 10 minutes I feel great but making myself actually get up is so hard.

The current overcast skies and cooler temps are a much welcome change from the stifling 100 degree weather we had all summer. Today's weather makes me want to go camping.

P.S. Our tree that lost several branches last week got cut down yesterday. Our yard feels so spacious and full of sunlight now. The crew that cut down the tree got the whole job done in a day including grinding the stump (I thought that was fast). Unfortunately, my veggie garden was trampled during the process so the only thing left to possibly harvest will be the sweet potatoes I planted and maybe some bell peppers if the plants can survive getting knocked over and me propping them back up. It was fun to have my garden while it lasted:)

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