Bunnies Eating Kale

I don't know about you but I love cute animals!! I found this little baby bunny enjoying a Kale leaf in my garden this weekend.

Then I looked over and saw another little bunny! They must be siblings.

Besides taking pics of cute bunnies this weekend, I ate chocolate peanut butter custard, watched lots of Olympics, went for a run after watching Olympic track, and did a little kitchen work (all we are doing now is sealing our counter tops so that will take several days)! Speaking of olympics, the slow motion replays of the sprinters cracks me up, their faces are so hilarious.

Our Countertop!
I was able to finally pick my first tomatoes out of our garden too! The heat this summer was rough on the tomato plants. I ate one at dinner and it was good!

 Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow!

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