Tahoe Tuesday

Hi Everybody! I've been having a great week this week. I'm in Palm Springs and my favorite part of the day is when I get to go outside to get my hair brushed.

 photo exoticshorthairtahoe_zps1d1456ff.jpg

When I'm outside I get to meet people and dogs. Dogs are so weird. They like to bark at me while I sit on the table and I just stare back at them because I don't get why I'm being barked at.

I love the view here, it's very pretty. The weather is also perfect!

 photo datepalms_zpsc686fa1e.jpg

So I hope you have a good week, until next time I'll be waiting for my next hair brushing sesh.

 photo exoticshorthairkittentahoe_zpsb48d8734.jpg
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