Surf's Up San Diego

I got to full-fill one of my goals in life while we were in San Diego, I went surfing!

 photo surfboard_zpscfa1def2.jpg

I've always loved the water and playing in the ocean and I thought I would love surfing. I imagined myself tearing up some 6 foot waves for hours with no problem.

 photo sandiegosurfing_zps203aa068.jpg

The truth is, surfing is a major workout and 3 foot tall waves look huge when you get out in the ocean with them. So, I didn't tear up any 6 foot waves and my arms were exhausted about about an hour of paddling!

 photo surf_zpsd36a7ffb.jpg
Look at the size of that wave!

I'm pumped that I stood up on my board and I had a great time surfing. I would absolutely do it again!

 photo surfingsandiego_zpsaca6397e.jpg

The hardest part of surfing was getting out there. The water is rough and cold so once I got over that shock, it was really fun.

 photo surfing_zps505b54aa.jpg

I surfed for one afternoon and one morning. Can you believe there's a place in the USA that you can surf in February (that's not Hawaii)? How great is that!?

 photo catchingawave_zps9455b967.jpg

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