Duck Eggs

Picture this cute little duck growing up running around your yard-
 photo duck_zps3b4eb94d.jpg
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When it grows up it will be able to eat the bugs in your yard and lay eggs for you to eat-

 photo ducks_zpsa6dea286.jpg
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Doesn't that sound pretty great?! I plan on having egg laying poultry in my yard someday and after this week, I would choose ducks over chickens. Not only because I think the ducks are cuter than chickens but because their eggs taste great!
 photo duckeggcollage_zps7eb88c53.jpg

I bought 6 duck eggs at a farm in Molalla, Oregon this week and have enjoyed them for breakfast scrambled and fried.

The duck egg in my opinion tastes almost like a chicken egg only the yolk is bigger, creamier and more decadent.

The duck egg shell is more dense and stronger than a chicken egg.

Have you ever tried a duck egg? 
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