Scenes From Oregon

 photo photo1-2_zps826f71b1.jpg
I'm ready to go snorkeling! I lasted about 10 seconds, it was too cold for the effort!
 photo photo1-1_zps177add13.jpg
Sunset over the ocean
 photo photo1_zps396db6a7.jpg
Exploring the beach
 photo photo3_zpsda245547.jpg
We went crabbing again!
 photo photo2_zps91e23aa1.jpg
That's a starfish in our crab trap!
 photo photo4_zps45630ee1.jpg
Our haul of red rock crab at the end of the day!
 photo photo3-2_zpsb207cede.jpg
Getting the crabs cooked up!
 photo photo4-2_zpsbc6774fc.jpg
They're ready
 photo photo5-1_zps566efb44.jpg
All the crab reduced to their claws
 photo photo5_zps6041817b.jpg
All the crab meat turned into two delicious plates of pasta!

 photo photo4-1_zpsfc0d7f11.jpg
The marina in Newport
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