Photos From San Francisco

We are having an amazing trip to San Francisco!! Here are some photos of what we've been up to so far!
 photo IMG_4653_zpse7c5d10f.jpg
On the train into the city. Below us is totally filled with bikes!
 photo IMG_4648_zps14dcc453.jpg
Our ride into the city.
 photo IMG_4717_zps8bbabd57.jpg
The Golden Gate Bridge at night.
 photo IMG_4710_zps200a74c3.jpg
 photo IMG_4708_zpsc600aefc.jpg
 photo IMG_4703_zps6cf66ea8.jpg
 photo IMG_4697_zps47fc627e.jpg
 photo IMG_4696_zpseb76c6d3.jpg
Please notice the fish tank behind me in someone's front yard.
 photo IMG_3338_zpsc18c4c0c.jpg
I love boats.
 photo IMG_3315_zps9b168fba.jpg
 photo IMG_4690_zpsb4adc05c.jpg
 photo IMG_3305_zps0bfcfd2d.jpg
That's Alcatraz in the background.
 photo IMG_3280_zpse59a39dd.jpg
 photo IMG_4689_zps7a739342.jpg
 photo IMG_3275_zpsafbf43f2.jpg
 photo IMG_4687_zps288fd131.jpg
Where all the trolly car cables come together.
 photo IMG_4680_zps0248d344.jpg
China Town!
 photo IMG_4685_zps58e26352.jpg
Eating lunch in China Town!
 photo IMG_4683_zpsb78e4c46.jpg
 photo IMG_4667_zpsefa19123.jpg
 photo IMG_4664_zpsaaef7ca8.jpg
 photo IMG_4659_zps8ed58d8c.jpg
I had a bomb crab cake sandwich here! It's in the Ferry building.
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