What We've Been Up to Lately

We left wine country after 3 days of wine tasting and enjoying all that the Napa and Sonoma area had to offer.
 photo photo1_zpsdb314f5a.jpg
Since wine country we've been driving north on highway 101 through northern California and now we're in Oregon!
 photo photo2_zps5cac3f93.jpg
I've loved seeing the Pacific Ocean everyday over the last few days. It's chilly, sunny, beautiful and I love it!
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Currently we're staying at the South Jetty Thousand Trails RV Park (it's very nice! 2 hot tubs and a heated pool near the ocean!). We'll move every 4 days now up the Oregon coast to different Thousand Trails parks until August!
 photo photo4_zps427f8a36.jpg
I've said this many times on this trip I know, but I can't believe how chilly the weather is during the summer! I really had no idea that summer for some people could be so cool and nice! (I'm used to at least 90 degrees but not surprised if it hits 100 degrees in the summer).

One of my goals while being on this beautiful coast is to eat as much crab and shrimp as I can!
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