The Bushman San Francisco

Have you ever heard of the bushman in San Francisco? Walking along Fisherman's Wharf is where we encountered him. If you visit San Francisco be aware so you don't end up like these folks! He sits behind some branches and scares people just when they get up close to him. This simple method creates quality entertainment for those that know he's there. (He totally scared me and then I stood and watched for a good 10 minutes while he scared other people).

 photo IMG_3340_zps59aa4fe2.jpg
There he his hiding behind his bush.
 photo IMG_3347_zps7c5c0c23.jpg
Got her really good!
 photo IMG_3370_zpsac7bb6ad.jpg
 photo IMG_3378_zps3e85db3f.jpg
 photo IMG_3391_zps72d474fa.jpg
 photo IMG_3398_zps723aff59.jpg
 photo IMG_3412_zpsafa2fc66.jpg
 photo IMG_3394_zpsd2550d74.jpg
People actually tip him after he scares them!
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