How We Get Along Living In An RV!

Matt and I get asked every now and then how we can get along since we're always together and live in a small space. Living in the Airstream does allow us lots of time together (I can't believe we've been traveling for almost 3 months by the way!!).

The way we get along as an RV couple is by doing the things we like as individuals. For me that's taking long walks on the beach, going swimming, riding my bike, reading (currently reading Game of Thrones and love it!), doing yoga, surfing social media and calling my mom :) (hey mom). It's important for us to remember to keep doing the activities we like and if the other person doesn't want to participate, that's ok.

Another way we get along in a small space is that we already like being around each other. As full time RVers we ride from place to place together, trip plan together, eat together, and live in a small space together. We knew this going into it so we were prepared for all the togetherness.

I also think that being a newlyish married couple (we've been married almost 3 years which doesn't seem possible!) makes us like being around each other.

Lastly it's important for us to laugh things off and not correct each other all the time. We are so blessed to be doing what we're doing and we would be crazy to complain.

We also each have duties that we make sure to do known as blue and pink jobs. Although these jobs aren't formally written we know what our specific duties are. By doing our blue (Matt) and pink (Michelle) jobs we make life more pleasant for the other. For example Matt takes care of hitching and unhitching the truck and all things technical. Michelle cooks the meals and makes sure we're happily fed.

Do you have any advice for how to get along with your traveling partner while RVing?
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