Don't Let a Flat Tire Get You Down

This morning Matt and I got up with a day full of plans but, when we went out to our truck we saw we had a flat tire!! I immediately thought, maybe we can just get on with our plans and the tire will be fine. I couldn't let our plans go up in smoke that easily.

However, we realized we had to step back, exhale and not let our flat tire and our now off schedule plans shake us or ruin our day.

Luckily we were able to air the tire up and take it to a nearby Toyota dealership to get the tire fixed. After we pulled in to the dealership and they told us it would take about 1 hour and 45 minutes I was a little annoyed that we'd be wasting all this time! When I turned around to go sit in the show room, I saw my first Airstream Dealership! It was a big beautiful sight!

As an Airstream owner, I'm healthily obsessed with all Airstreams old and new! We've seen Airstreams for sale at RV dealerships but they never had more than a few to check out. This dealership had probably 60 to look through including old and new! So, as a person that could look at Airstreams all day this place was a perfect place to be stuck while our truck tire got fixed.

So, even though I thought our day would be wasted waiting around to get our tire fixed, we found a place that we would have never gone by otherwise. We really enjoyed talking with the sales man and looking at all the beautiful Airstreams!!

Also, I'm thankful our tire got fixed with no further issues or drama (like getting a flat on the highway or something terrible like that!).

So, something fun and good came from our seemingly bad luck this morning.
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