Alpaca Adventures

Have you ever seen such an amazing hair do on an animal?
 photo photo5_zpse068187c.jpg
These are the alpacas of the Alpacas at Marquam Hill Ranch which you too can visit if you're ever about an hour south of Portland Oregon. We got a wonderful tour of the place from the owner's daughter who taught us lots about the awesomely poofy headed alpaca.
 photo photo4_zpsa27cd4a4.jpg
 photo photo2-1_zps14e0d4ea.jpg
These alpacas have been sheered for the year which is why they are all sporting these haircuts right now. These alpacas are used for their fiber (their wool) and live happily in the Oregon country side.
 photo photo3_zpsbbc30a26.jpg
We got to feed the alpacas which was a great experience, they really loved us after we gave them food!
 photo photo3-1_zps78597a81.jpg
After our trip to the alpaca farm we went to a u-pick vegetable garden and they had an honor system pay system where you just slid your money through this slot in the door!
 photo photo4-1_zps6e258aff.jpg

Now in addition to wanting ducks I would also not mind having a few alpacas in my future back yard.
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