Yellowstone Bison and Beauty

We came across a buffalo herd crossing the road this week. It's amazing to see so many in one place at a time!
 photo IMG_3952_zpsf181591c.jpg
 photo IMG_3951_zps96d56bae.jpg
We've seen alot of buffalo on their own away from the herd as well.
 photo IMG_3919_zpsf3625c45.jpg
Besides bison, we've seen tons of beauty all around the park!
 photo IMG_5312_zps8099a845.jpg
 photo IMG_3935_zpsc3aa6864.jpg
 photo IMG_3938_zps20c18ab4.jpg
 photo IMG_3956_zps9b51984e.jpg
This is a petrified tree, possibly a Redwood from when the volcano that sits under Yellowstone last erupted.
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