On the Open Road

We are still making our way to Yellowstone National Park! We've spent two nights at different Cabela's parking lots (thanks Cabela's!). We picked up a can of bear spray and also lots of food for our two weeks in the park! I'm not planning on needing to use the bear spray but feel safer knowing we have it.

We have only been going a little of 200 miles a day so we don't wear ourselves out which means we've had time to stop and look at cats at the different animal shelters we've come across. This has become a new hobby for us! Someday I will become an animal shelter volunteer and go play with the animals while they're waiting to be adopted. I think it's safe to say Matt and I are equally crazy about cats!

At the Spokane Humane Society we met two Scottish Fold kitties! They were very friendly and had nicely folded ears! We also me a Persian cat, she was huge and beautiful and not happy to be at the Humane Society.

Me holding the Sottish Fold, he was very calm. And yes I'm aware my hair looks crazy here.
I had never seen a Scottish Fold in real life but these kitties were really nice and cute.

Tonight we plan to make it to Butte, Montana and should arrive to our campground in Yellowstone on Saturday!
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