We're In Yellowstone!

We made it to the mecca of National Parks! We've only been here two days and look at all the beauty we've already seen. There is no place else like Yellowstone!
 photo IMG_5241_zps632a0425.jpg
How is this real!?
 photo IMG_3645_zpsb87516da.jpg
Impressive Geyser near Old Faithful
 photo IMG_5248_zps1c82e9d7.jpg
Old Faithful! Look at all the people!
 photo IMG_5257_zps743d4e83.jpg
Old Faithful Inn
 photo IMG_5262_zps29f06815.jpg
The rivers near our campground
 photo IMG_3676_zpsc496e52c.jpg
Bison having some breakfast
 photo IMG_3686_zps82f7ad5f.jpg
Notice the bird on his antler!
 photo IMG_3689_zps604b2e29.jpg
Big Elk
 photo 100_5509_zps8e6613cc.jpg
At Mammoth Hot Springs
 photo IMG_3698_zps5b54bf07.jpg
Beautiful Travertine Terraces
 photo IMG_3699_zps8f3ecf78.jpg
Hot waterfall!
 photo IMG_3704_zpse9eec312.jpg
So pretty
 photo IMG_3706_zpsf0c08c75.jpg
 photo IMG_3709_zps86352238.jpg

 photo IMG_3715_zps7257ebf9.jpg
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