A Trip to the Tetons

Just south of Yellowstone is Grand Teton National Park. We took a day trip down to check out the young rugged mountains, view the beautiful lakes and walk around the swanky town of Jackson!

Here are the photos from our adventure in the Tetons-
 photo GrandTeton16_zpsea7d216c.jpg
The clouds are super low
 photo GrandTeton15_zpsf366d5db.jpg
The beautiful antler arch
 photo GrandTeton13_zps4f1d259d.jpg
So many antlers
 photo GrandTeton12_zps16755233.jpg
Ski slopes in the summer, again the clouds are doing some crazy things!
 photo GrandTeton11_zps29333361.jpg
The beautiful Snake River
 photo GrandTeton10_zps142f5e56.jpg
The beautiful mountains
 photo GrandTeton09_zps6425fd07.jpg
Coyote off in the field
 photo GrandTeton08_zpsbbe5fe7c.jpg
Prong horns crossing the road
 photo GrandTeton07_zps53a1504b.jpg
What a view those settlers would have had
 photo GrandTeton01_zps0b738ea1.jpg
 photo GrandTeton05_zpsaa769af9.jpg

This area of the USA feels like a wonderfully wild wilderness still. I can't explain the feeling I get while surrounded by so much natural beauty. I would not mind visiting this area of our great country many more times in the future.
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