Our Best Yellowstone Wildlife Photos

 photo Yellowstone30_zps3cd92782.jpg
This was taken out of the car window, he was close!
 photo Yellowstone14_zps3a4903fb.jpg
Look! It's a bear!
 photo Yellowstone13_zps32a1bad0.jpg
The bear enjoyed his walk on the beach. This was taken in Grant Village.
 photo Yellowstone12_zpsdec50779.jpg
This buffalo was following the rules of the road
 photo Yellowstone09_zps18efef4b.jpg
Yes, that's the buffalo's tongue in it's nose
 photo Yellowstone07_zpsc9c5cd8d.jpg
This must be the most delicious plant ever!!
 photo Yellowstone05_zps74b05b68.jpg

 photo Yellowstone01_zps654e3293.jpg
What a handsom Elk
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