Glacier National Park

We've made it to our 10th National Park on our journey, Glacier National Park! It's out of this world pretty for it's alpine and rugged beauty. It also has glaciers! Twenty six if you were curious. The park is not named Glacier because it currently has glaciers but because the land in the park was formed by glaciers.
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Our first day in the park we took a Red Bus tour which was a perfect way to see the whole park from the road with a knowledgeable guide! We had an outstanding guide named Glenn! He was great and I learned so much about the park.
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We are here with Matt's parents this week! It will be nice to hang with them for several days.
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Our tour group got lucky and saw a bear eating away nearish to Many Glacier. I love seeing bears!!
 photo IMG_4455_zps25e6dce8.jpg
I'm also a fan of the beautiful historic lodges this park has to offer. Here is a photo of the lobby of McDonald Lake Lodge.
 photo IMG_5533_zps7668a0d8.jpg

Our second day in the park we did some hiking! There is so much to see from the trails that you can't see from the road (although the view from the road is still great!).
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More to come later this week.
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