Rainy Lazy Days

We're currently in the Northwest where it's raining, a lot (not surprising)! It's beautiful and every plant is a stunning shade of bright green. There's also beautiful fog and clouds rolling through the mountains and across everything really. The dark rainy days remind me of the movie Twilight (The movies were filmed around Oregon and Washington). These rainy days also make me want to sit inside with my computer, a good movie or a good book all day!

I did accomplish some crafting despite my laziness over the weekend. I bought this cross stitch iphone case at Walmart and finished it this weekend! I love the look of cross stitch and needle point!

If you buy one, beware, the case doesn't fit the phone very well. Maybe my stitches were too tight or something but it the whole case ended up being too large for the phone and the back where all my cross stitching is turned out really bubbled. To fix the problem I cut the sides off the cross stitch case and applied epoxy to my old phone case. Then I stuck the new cross stitch part to the old phone case. It works but I wish the case fit better without having to improvise.

It should continue raining this week but we will try not to be too lazy even though the weather encourages laziness. We are planning to go to North Cascades National Park, another national park I didn't know existed until this trip!
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