The Land of Beautiful Water

One of the most surprising things about the Glacier National Park area to me was how pretty the water was. There are miles of sparkling blue rivers full of fish and multiple lakes formed by glaciers which make them deep and blue like you wouldn't believe.

See for yourself what I mean-
 photo IMG_4579_zps4da3db38.jpg
A Bald Eagle flying by, Go America!
 photo IMG_5633_zps7305ec37.jpg
 photo DSCN0278_zpsca76a2d1.jpg
 photo DSCN0277_zpsb4af4d00.jpg
 photo IMG_4788_zps714b15d1.jpg
 photo IMG_4781_zpsdeffacc3.jpg
 photo IMG_4770_zpsdb07b843.jpg
 photo IMG_4761_zps16062591.jpg
 photo 100_0636_zps27d4d128.jpg
A rafting trip is a great way to see the river!
 photo IMG_4751_zps51dcc311.jpg
 photo IMG_4622_zpsec0e5daf.jpg
 photo IMG_4742_zpsc6d9f5a4.jpg
 photo IMG_5610_zps5a73203c.jpg
 photo IMG_5606_zpsce994eee.jpg
 photo 100_0652_zps0ed8cf49.jpg
 photo 100_0650_zps9ed78c5c.jpg
 photo IMG_5559_zpsf3c13931.jpg
 photo DSCN0102_zpsd373e5b8.jpg
 photo IMG_4437_zps51d26c39.jpg
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