Seattle, what a beautiful city surrounded by water!! Here are some photos from our trip to the city of Seattle!
 photo Seattle-01_zps99391dbd.jpg
What a view! (From Kerry Park.)
 photo Seattle-16_zpsda557728.jpg
 photo Seattle-15_zps3a95a3d9.jpg
 photo Seattle-05_zpsdc2a2422.jpg
The famous Pike Place Market
 photo Seattle-07_zpscca3e1ab.jpg
OMG these donuts were bomb,com!!! I want to buy a donut maker now.
 photo Seattle-06_zpsc331cb35.jpg
I love tiny donuts!
 photo Seattle-03_zpsfb906a0b.jpg
Fish! and Crab Legs!
 photo Seattle-13_zpsb8fe29c4.jpg
Glass maker at work.
 photo Seattle-14_zps8b599e6a.jpg
Look what he made!
 photo Seattle-10_zpseaec880d.jpg
Walking on an old Railroad.

 photo Seattle-09_zpsca5af8f3.jpg

 photo Seattle-08_zps4379a938.jpg
Hey look! REI was born here!
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