San Juan Island and Friday Harbor

We took a lovely ferryboat ride over to San Juan Island to enjoy some seafood, the cute island on San Juan, and the Whale Museum. We searched hard for whales while on the Ferry but didn't see any! I did see two seals though! They are just so cute!

Here are the photos from our rainy day to San Juan!

 photo SanJuanIsland-10_zps27e31952.jpg
That's the Ferry!
 photo SanJuanIsland-06_zpsf0dd7e28.jpg
 photo SanJuanIsland-05_zps2b2adf8b.jpg
 photo SanJuanIsland-04_zpsb69d9025.jpg
 photo SanJuanIsland-09_zpsf0520619.jpg
 photo SanJuanIsland-08_zpsa0ec17fc.jpg
 photo SanJuanIsland-07_zps92296bd3.jpg
 photo SanJuanIsland-03_zpse4fd0995.jpg
 photo SanJuanIsland-02_zps2d401699.jpg
 photo SanJuanIsland-01_zps75b956f4.jpg
Me on the Ferry.
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