Beautiful Glacier National Park

Glacier is such a beautiful spot! It's amazing to me that there is an area in the USA that is so uniquely beautiful and full of amazing wildlife. Over the next few days I will be posting about Glacier because I can't include all the photos I want to show you in just one blog post!

Matt and I spent a week in a house in Columbia Springs with Matt's mom and dad. We explored Glacier National Park and went to Waterton (the Canadian side of the park!). We explored Whitefish, Polebridge, and West Glacier. This area of Montana is rugged, the rivers and lakes are pristine, and there are bears (currently my favorite animal)!

This is a great area to fish and hike but also to just drive around or sit in a pretty spot to take in the beauty. Whether you are a big adventurer or a tourist this is a great place to visit. You can enjoy the cute western towns around Glacier and see some still unspoiled nature.

The folks that live here full time say that winter lasts a long time up here and the beautiful summers are short lived (Pretty much July and August). I could see myself coming back here again! I think it would be nice to visit again in the summer and possibly in the winter for a little skiing???

Here are some photos from our Glacier adventures-
 photo IMG_4616_2_zpsb201120e.jpg
Big Bear on the side of the road!
 photo IMG_4521_zps4df0857d.jpg
Welcome to Glacier
 photo DSCN0045_zpsaa865a80.jpg
Huckleberries are in season! This is a pile of ice cream covered in Huckleberries, they are similar to blue berries.
 photo DSCN0120_zpsdd058823.jpg
Matt on the Highline Trail
 photo IMG_4716_zps03af510c.jpg
Pretty Deer
 photo IMG_4723_zps4956cff8.jpg
Check out my antlers
 photo IMG_4435_zps2a620af9.jpg
These guys love to pose for the camera
 photo DSCN0076_zps799fc1ad.jpg
There's still snow!
 photo IMG_4648_zps0f1944e5.jpg
Mountain Goat climbing all over the side of a Mountain
 photo IMG_4496_zps249e99d6.jpg
On the highline trail
 photo IMG_4760_zpsc466851f.jpg
So much pretty moss
 photo IMG_4711_zps3f54bd86.jpg
The best bakery in Montana, you have to take an unpaved road to get out here (about 25 miles!)
 photo IMG_4667_zps417d68b6.jpg
Inside the Polebridge Merc
 photo IMG_4681_zps0fe75e87.jpg
The wood out back, it must get cold here!
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