We Love Houseboats

While in Seattle, Matt and I rented a Kayak for an afternoon to paddle around Lake Union. It was so fun to get up close and personal with the amazing houseboats (and the awesome yachts and other boats around the lake.)

Here are some photos from our day of Kayaking on Lake Union! (I'm glad we rented a double kayak because I didn't have to paddle too much, thanks Matt:)!)
 photo Kayaking-11_zps2f91a2b2.jpg
 photo Kayaking-12_zps4023f369.jpg
 photo Kayaking-13_zps8a36180e.jpg
 photo Kayaking-14_zps989e5288.jpg
 photo Kayaking-10_zps9a149920.jpg
 photo Kayaking-09_zpsc1694c8c.jpg
 photo Kayaking-08_zps93d887e3.jpg
 photo Kayaking-07_zps27d4773f.jpg
 photo Kayaking-06_zpsed4f8ac1.jpg
 photo Kayaking-05_zps1f09fcd5.jpg
 photo Kayaking-04_zps17d11ce4.jpg
 photo Kayaking-03_zps82d2285b.jpg
 photo Kayaking-02_zpscada5257.jpg
 photo Kayaking-01_zpsc5c98682.jpg
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