Airstream Before and After Photos

It's crazy for me to look back on how our Airstream looked when we bought it in 2011. Now that we've remodeled the Airstream and have lived in it, it feels like it's been cute and cozy all along. Here are some Now and then photos for you to see how far this Airstream has come!
 photo OurAirstream-ExteriorNew_zps54cba12b.jpg
The Airstream Now
 photo OurAirstream-ExteriorOld_zps3beae469.jpg
The Airstream the day we bought it!
 photo OurAirstream-Front-Old_zpseef23248.png
The Airstream couch before.
 photo OurAirstream-Front-New_zps0c4bfe38.jpg
The Airstream couch now!
 photo OurAirstream-Back-Original_zpsc6ae1f0b.png
The Airstream kitchen then.
 photo OurAirstream-Back-New_zps43e78bd5.jpg
The Airstream kitchen now!
 photo OurAirstream-Emblems_zpsed6cb1fa.png
The emblem before and after.
 photo OurAirstream-Back-Gutted_zps7f92b8c2.jpg
The Airstream under construction. This time last year this is what it looked like!
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