Boeing Tour

While staying near Seattle Matt and I went on a tour of the Boeing Factory! Seeing Matt pull up to the Boeing Factory was like watching a child's wonderment and excitement on Christmas morning.

Matt loves planes and loves learning about how they are built. When you get near the Boeing factory you start seeing planes landing and taking off from their runway and the huge warehouse where they build the planes. It's truly a magical sight to those with any interest in aviation.

Cameras and phones aren't allowed on the tour so we don't have many great photos from the tour but we got a few from outside the tour.

This is a crazy looking plane that flies parts from where they're made to the factory for final assembly-
 photo Boeing-3_zps542eb4e8.jpg

Here's Matt in front of a jet engine! Before the official tour you can explore the Future of Flight Museum. The tour is great because you actually get in a bus and ride over to the factory. In the factory you see all stages of assembly of the airplanes. It's such a huge scale operation!

 photo Boeing-4_zpsf6f4113b.jpg

Here's a neat plane in their future of flight museum!

 photo Boeing-5_zpsa4bcd84f.jpg

Another awesome thing at Boeing is that all the planes get a test flight right behind the factory on their runway when the plane is complete. We got to see many planes taking off and landing. It's also neat to see so many different airlines all lined up beside each other (all the new planes get their paint jobs at Boeing for whatever airline they're going to). If you're ever in the Seattle area the Boeing factory tour is really interesting and worth seeing!
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