North Cascades National Park

What a uniquely beautiful place! I'd never heard of this park until we rolled into this neck of the woods. I'm amazed again at how many National Parks there are! I'm so thankful that land was set aside for us to enjoy in it's natural wild beauty.

Since the government is shut down right now this park is closed. Thankfully we went the day before the gov shutdown and really I don't see how this park can really be shut down. There's no gates to keep you out so, I'm thinking all we'd miss out on is the visitor's center.

I'd say this park gets the award for the best sign-
 photo photo1_zps4df34c3c.jpg

There are about 300 glaciers in North Cascades! That's the reason the water is that beautiful breathtaking blue, thanks to the glacial melt.

 photo photo1-1_zps45c8dd7a.jpg
 photo photo5_zpsd3303899.jpg
 photo photo2-1_zps253a5ab9.jpg

There was an awesome bridge that you could see right through!

 photo photo4-1_zps2102f53e.jpg

There were also plunging beautiful waterfalls all over the park.

 photo photo3-1_zpsfcb59be9.jpg

The moss, I mean just look at that shade of green, it's unreal!

 photo photo4_zps039e77a2.jpg

Good thing I had my rain jacket!

 photo photo3_zpse6055723.jpg
 photo photo2_zpsb15e0e8f.jpg

The fire in the visitor's center was nice on a cold rainy day!

Have you ever heard of or been to North Cascades NP? Hopefully the national parks will reopen soon!!
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