Tahoe Tuesday

Happy Tahoe Tuesday! This past weekend I went to the vet for some shots. I got weighed and I weighed in at a big 2 pounds! Apparently I have some sort of kitty eye infection so Matt and Michelle have to put this crazy goo in my eyes twice a day. It is quite a spectacle. Other than my trip to the vet I've been playing super hard and have a new love for curtains! They are fun to play under and I love them so much.
 photo TahoeTuesday102213-3_zps37f0e641.jpg
 photo TahoeTuesday102213-1_zpsf10296ab.jpg
After I play really hard I like to take a really hard nap usually in someones lap if possible.
 photo TahoeTuesday102213-2_zps6c79474d.jpg
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