Tahoe Tuesday

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Hello World! Today is the first Tahoe Tuesday where you get to see what I'm doing this week! I moved in with Matt and Michelle on Saturday and immediately started playing with the laser pointer and all my toys they got me. I was born July 31st so I'm still pretty young I guess.
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I love to sleep lots and I get a little braver everyday jumping from the chair to the couch and climbing almost everything.
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So far I like living in the Airstream and my new owners!
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It seems like every time I turn around Matt and Michelle are taking my photo but I'll be honest, I really love the attention. When they seem to be ignoring me for even a second I meow at them to pick me up and pet me.

If you don't want to wait a whole week to see more photos of me you can follow Michelle on instagram because I think she posts new photos of me about every hour! See you next Tuesday!
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