A Tiny Home Adventure…

The LuxeLandYacht is taking a detour from traveling and settling down in Sonoma, CA so that I, Matt, can intern with a small home building company - Tumbleweed Houses. Their iconic small home designs, many of which fit on a trailer, embody the 'live small and simply' lifestyle. I'm excited to begin working with their team Oct. 14.

 photo Tumbleweed1_zps79cc55e3.png

We are starting our drive south Monday AM with a stop to see family friends in Molalla, OR, Crater Lake NP and Lassen Volcano NP (if the government will let us in!), Klamath Falls, a Patagonia Outlet, and finally parking the trailer in Petaluma, CA.

 photo Tumbleweed2_zpsf19a1dc0.png

Michelle has a bunch to look forward to as well! She loves the beach and to ski - both we should be able to accomplish within short drives of Sonoma. We'll look for a church to get involved with and Michelle is looking at a few local volunteer options. Also, San Francisco is just 45 minutes away and we plan to play host for her brother in November and anyone else who would like to see wine country!

Michelle may be most excited about raising our new black kitty, Tahoe! See Tuesday's blog post for some great photos of him being a kitten… I think you'll love him too!
 photo Tumbleweed3_zps8a4f3a8d.jpg
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