Weekend Happenings

 photo BodegaBay-8_zps78104789.jpg

How was your weekend? Matt and I did a little wine tasting at two different wineries this weekend, Carol Shelton Wines and Manzanita Winery. On Sunday we went to the coast and saw the beautiful ocean. It was super windy and cold but beautiful anyway!

Here are some hearty seals hanging out in that cold water and loving it.

 photo BodegaBay-5_zps49cb622a.jpg
 photo BodegaBay-6_zps19d89bab.jpg
 photo BodegaBay-7_zpse0c90057.jpg

Here are some photos of the campground over the weekend. People get super festive on the weekend celebrating Halloween!

 photo BodegaBay-4_zpsc02c6628.jpg
 photo BodegaBay-3_zpsae3ab5c2.jpg

Here's a farm next to the campground, it looks nice and fallish don't you think?
 photo BodegaBay-2_zps81f60eed.jpg

I hope you have a great Monday!
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