Tahoe Tuesday

Hi everybody, I'm back for Tahoe Tuesday!

I'm  extremely playful these days and love to chase everything that moves. Here I am getting ready to pounce on something.

 photo TahoeTuesday1029-7_zps1d41d86a.jpg

I'm also still really interested in the computer. All I want is to lay on Matt or Michelle's open computer but for some reason they don't like that so, I look over the screen at them so they will pay attention to me instead of their computer screen.

 photo TahoeTuesday1029-6_zpsee80da86.jpg

 photo TahoeTuesday1029-5_zps20e3ac92.jpg

Everyday Matt and Michelle tell me my face just keeps getting cuter and they love my huge eyes.

 photo TahoeTuesday1029-4_zpsa5227252.jpg

I can't say they're wrong.

 photo TahoeTuesday1029-3_zps8fe100ec.jpg
 photo TahoeTuesday1029-1_zps8330cb92.jpg

Ok, I'm getting sleepy now. Time for a nap on the heated blanket (heated blankets are awesome, do you know that?)

 photo TahoeTuesday1029-2_zpsf0060b9c.jpg
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