Provincetown is the farthest point on Cape Cod. The area has a really cute beach town with shops and restaurants and a protected seashore run by the National Park Service.

 photo 7-27-14ProvincetownandBeachesofCapeCod-1_zps6ccae580.jpg

While in Provincetown we hung out on the beach and even saw a seal playing in the water!

 photo 7-27-14ProvincetownandBeachesofCapeCod-2_zps28b241e0.jpg

The beach has lots of rocks so we also had to skip some rocks. Michelle's college roomates hung out with us in P-town while they were vacationing there!

 photo 7-27-14ProvincetownandBeachesofCapeCod-3_zps1d13ae63.jpg

 photo 7-27-14ProvincetownandBeachesofCapeCod-4_zpsd432047d.jpg

We even saw a little historical reenacting going on while walking the streets of P-town-

 photo 7-27-14ProvincetownandBeachesofCapeCod-5_zpsc60f4bc6.jpg

The beaches are beautiful with huge dunes. The ocean is a pretty blue here and is a great place to visit the beach!
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