Happy Fourth of July from Boston

On the 4th of July we went to Boston to enjoy some patriotic festivities. It was a great place to be on the 4th!

We watched the USS Constitution sail down the river and do a 21 gun salute. The ship didn't sail under it's own power, it was pushed by a tug boat if you were curious about that. The ship was first launched in the year 1797, it sure does look great for being 217 years old! 

 photo 7-25-144thofJulyinBoston-3_zps58b039c5.jpg

 photo 7-25-144thofJulyinBoston-4_zps9e486329.jpg

 photo 7-25-144thofJulyinBoston-2_zps8035736a.jpg

 photo 7-25-144thofJulyinBoston-1_zps72732b17.jpg

The 4th was very rainy in the Cape Cod and Boston area because Hurricane Aurthur was just off the coast but, thankfully it was just rainy and there wasn't too much hurricane drama.

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