Mystic, CT

Ahhh Mystic, such a cute seaside town. I love it because it's calm, there's seafood, it feels like an authentic non commercial place, there's plenty of boat watching (I love boat watching) and there are tons of old beautiful homes to see (I love looking at old beautiful homes). Enjoy these photos from one of my favorite New England places (so far).

 photo 7-16-14MysticCT-11_zps7347363f.jpg

 photo 7-16-14MysticCT-01_zpsdbe99010.jpg

 photo 7-16-14MysticCT-02_zpsd7376bc6.jpg

 photo 7-16-14MysticCT-03_zpsd643f111.jpg

 photo 7-16-14MysticCT-04_zpsccba41d8.jpg

 photo 7-16-14MysticCT-05_zps21506969.jpg

 photo 7-16-14MysticCT-06_zps06e50372.jpg

 photo 7-16-14MysticCT-07_zps10078f98.jpg

 photo 7-16-14MysticCT-08_zps69546b78.jpg

 photo 7-16-14MysticCT-09_zpsc6fc6273.jpg
Look who we found! Lauren and Nikita (Michelle's college roomies) are on vacation and had dinner with us!

 photo 7-16-14MysticCT-10_zps77426013.jpg

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